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We offer all kinds of services for domestic and international clients. Our managers can help you find the best solution and calculate the final price.

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What Do We Offer?

Our company offers the widest range of logistics services. We will help to transport any goods anywhere in the world.

Our logistics company does everything to ensure that you receive high-quality transportation services. We deliver goods to more than 100 countries around the world.
By contacting our specialists, you can get any necessary services for cargo transportation at a favorable price. Our employees work to ensure that you are always satisfied with the result.



Automatic information about the location.



Installment system for regular customers.



Cargo insurance on preferential terms.


Legal Support

All required documents are always in order.

Using our services, you will always know where your cargo is. Thanks to online cargo tracking in the Acrozz app, you will know exactly where the transport is and when it will arrive at its destination.

All cargoes in our company are 100% insured thanks to our reliable insurance partners. Before transporting goods, we conclude an agreement with the client, which specifies all the conditions for cooperation.

* If you have any questions about our services, you can contact support representatives. Our managers are always ready to help you.

- What we deliver -

Types of Сargo

Learn more about cargo types we transport.

  • Perishable goods

    These are goods that are those likely to spoil, decay, or become unsafe to use/consume if not kept refrigerated at 40 °F or below, or frozen at 0 °F or below.

  • Bulk and loading cargoes

    We have transport solutions for items that are shipped loosely and unpackaged as opposed to being shipped in packages or containers.

  • General or artificial cargoes

    General cargo means goods that can be transported individually in one piece. We ship a pallet or a package, a barrel or a box.

  • Gas-based fuels

    We can transport crude oil, volatile fuels, petroleum, LNG, CNG, and the various derivatives.

  • Chemical, hazardous, and toxic products

    In order to safely transport chemicals, poisonous goods, and toxic cargo, we have reinforced and specially constructed storage units.

Our company offers transportation of a wide variety of cargo types. In particular, we can transport goods for which an appropriate license is required. Our logistics company has received permits for the transportation of various goods. Familiarize yourself with these documents below.

    Trucking Permit

    DOT Number

    Unified Carrier Registration

Our logistics company transports a wide variety of goods as quickly and reliably as possible. We have everything necessary for such operations and work in accordance with all legal requirements. We have:

    All types of transport: trains, planes, ships and trucks;
    Vehicles equipped for any type of cargo;
    Innovative loading terminals in 100+ countries;
    Highly qualified personnel with vast experience;
    Handling and order fulfillment with WMS;
    Nationwide OTR truckload and LTL coverage;
    Cross-docking opportunities.

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Ask the Experts About Your Freight

Our experts are always ready to help. Get in touch with us and we'll find the right solution to meet your needs.

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Our Transportation Services

We deliver your gods on time, anywhere in the world.

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Ocean Transporations

If you focus mainly on costs, your shipment is large choose our ocean freight service. The ocean shipping industry offers the most competitive freight costs to shippers, especially over long distances.

    Environmental friendliness;
    Any kind of cargo;
    Competitive costs.
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Air Transporations

When the time matters to you, use our air freight service – the fastest way to deliver cargo to any desired location. Cargo handlers, customs clearance, and cargo inspection are pretty efficient with air freight services, and a majority of the cargos are cleared simply within a matter of hours.

    The fastest shipping method;
    High level of security;
    Deliveries around the globe.
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Road Transporations

One of our trucks will deliver your cargo door-to-door when you need to move it locally or overseas. It provides extremely flexible services as you get an estimate of departure time and arrival time. Goods packing cost is lesser when compared to other freight modes.

    Door-to-door service;
    Service in rural areas;
    Suitable for short distance.
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Rail Transporations

We provide the safest containerized cargo transportation by trains locally and internationally. It is especially efficient for long distances. Rail freight transport is often electrically powered, which avoids fuel surcharges and oil price fluctuations.

    Multimodal compatibility;
    Less subject to fuel surcharges;
    100% punctual.
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